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G+H Akoestiek is one of the leading companies in the technical acoustics industry. Our solutions are the result of over half a century of research, development and project experience. We are there for you in every corner of the globe. You will find us in power plants and industrial plants, factories and production sites, measuring rooms and test facilities – anywhere where the environment must be protected from noise and vibration. G+H Akoestiek is a full-service provider. Our service portfolio covers all aspects of technical acoustics – from analysis and application-oriented development in our own acoustic laboratory to consultation, planning, project management and turnkey implementation.

In addition G+H Akoestiek makes integrated solutions a reality. In industrial plants in particular, our services and expertise extend far beyond noise control alone. We plan, design and install complete system components such as intake and exhaust gas systems that play a key role in the operation of gas turbines.

G+H Akoestiek thus combines flexibility with all the resources and potential of an international company.

G+H Akoestiek is part of the international VINCI S.A. group, the world’s leading company for concessions, construction and related services.

No matter the scope of your project, when you choose G+H Acoustics, you can be confident you are gaining an expert partner you can rely on.



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Acoustical silencers from G+H – experience pays dividends

Silencers are essential for effectively reducing noise emissions from power plants. Our systems are the result of decades of research and development and they set standards in the field of power plant noise control.

Without special silencers, gas turbine power plants would not fulfill the high requirements for environmental protection. The demands placed on engineering, material selection and production differ depending on whether the components are used on the intake or exhaust side. The high purity requirements of gas turbines must be taken into account as early as the silencer design and production stage. Intake silencers absorb mainly high frequencies, whereas exhaust silencers are designed to absorb low frequencies and withstand flow forces and operating temperatures of up to 650 degrees Celsius (1200 ° F). Our silencers are custom-made for each application and meet even the most demanding technical requirements.

We suply the best solutions for: New and replacement silencers or splitter type silencers in any material as needed.

We use the following types of silencers:

  • Absorptive splitter type silencers for noise sources with very wide frequency bands, such as gas turbines or cooling towers.
  • Resonator silencers based on the Helmholtz and/or Lambda/4 principle for use with dusty media, such as coal-fired power plants or flue gas desulfurization systems.